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My Mental Problem: Am I Too Hard to Myself?

Hey! If you ever read my story here, it means you have seen me in my lowest life.

How To Do Pagination in Postgres with Golang in 4 Common Ways

A few examples of pagination on Postgres, with Benchmark, written on Golang

HTTP - PATCH Method! I've Thought the Wrong Way!!!

Today I learned, The Reality that People Never Told Me about HTTP-PATCH!

Today I Learned: Row Locking Transaction in PostgreSQL

How I did Locking in a Row for Read-Write Transactions in Postgres. - It took me 2 days to attempt to solve this, but the solution is actually very simple and elegant.

Today I Learned: Enabling Horizontal Pod Autoscaler(HPA) in Kubernetes

Solving 'Unknown' Current Resource Value in HPA Target to allow horizontal autoscaling in Kubernetes.

Utilize Open API 3 for the Faster Software Development Process

How I can make a Mock Server, APIClient SDK, and a Live API Documentations with ease in Kubernetes Just using open-source tools that you can get free